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Our Mission

To be the most scientifically and community-based sports performance and wellness program out there. We blend quantitative and qualitative data with worldwide, cross-industry expert knowledge to educate with certainty. We do this by being formally trained, attending world-class events and continually educating ourselves with the latest of research.



Mental Toughness Trainer and Travel  Therapist

With over 20+ years of experience in the Sports and Fitness Industry, including contracts with The Australian Sports Commission for coaching sports in schools, a short stint with Football Australia, and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for youth, Pheonix has embarked on her mission – a passion for sports mental performance and mental health wellness across Australia.


Pheonix works as a travel and mental performance therapist, cultivating inspiration and guiding young people to navigate life's ever-changing nature using physical and mental performance skills. What better way to address trauma or mental health issues than to immerse oneself in nature and travel with a one-on-one or small group coach?


In 2024, Pheonix is specialising in travel projects for individuals, utilising Mother Nature as her playground. Yes, you heard it right! She will be traveling with clients around Australia and Bali.


Stay tuned as we're about to make waves on social media, showcasing our work.



Pheonix will be making appearances in clubs near you, bringing all her hard-wired skills to you for free!

Pheonix provides specialised input, advice, and support to youth aged 13-18 and their parents.


So, if you're a parent or coach dealing with a troubled teen or an elite athlete whom you can't accompany on tour, hit us up.


  • Mental Toughness (MTQ) Trainer & Assessor 

  • Cert IV Mental Health

  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Training I Cornell University

  • Master Trainer - Sports Conditioning & Youth Development

  • Daru Strong Mentorship Certified





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