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All websites, E-Books & PDF's owned and operated by Wealthy Souls are copyrighted by Pheonix Drewell. Text, photos, logos, and symbols, as well as sound recordings, art work and HTML code, are all included.

Intellectual Property

Aside from any fair dealing or other statutory use permitted by the Copyright Act 1968, the following terms and restrictions govern the reuse of the material on this website:


Permission is granted by the Commonwealth of Australia. You are free to use the information on the department's website as long as you follow the Copyright Act of 1968.

Material obtained from all websites owned and administered by Wealthy Souls is to be attributed to Pheonix Drewell: 

Creative Commons (CC) Attribution 4.0 International licence. The material is licenced under CC when it has the CC logo. You should familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the appropriate licence.

Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0 


Material obtained from all websites owned and administered by Wealthy Souls is to be attributed to:

©Pheonix Drewell

Other Terms and Conditions

Where the material is not licensed by Wealthy Souls under an access agreement or CC licence, or where the material is not owned by the Wealthy Souls, you should contact the original copyright owner.


Any permissible copyright material reproduction, including fair dealing, must recognise the applicable rights owner as the source of any such content reproduced, as well as mention the copyright or licence restrictions under which the material is offered on this site.


Ask us for permission if you want to use something in a way that goes outside the boundaries of the terms of use that apply to it. If you use anything on our website in a way that isn't permitted or otherwise allowed under the Copyright Act 1968, you may be infringing on our copyright.

For all requests and inquiries concerning reproduction, rights and authorisation, please contact

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