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Mental Toughness questionnaire

Mental toughness encompasses an individual's ability to effectively navigate and overcome stress, pressure, and challenges. It reflects the mindset adopted by individuals in all aspects of their lives and is closely intertwined with qualities such as character, resilience, and grit. To assess these qualities, we employ the Mental Toughness Questionnaire (MTQ).

Mental Toughness
in sports

While many psychometric assessments focus on measuring behaviors and attributes, the MTQ delves into the realm of thoughts, which is a critical driver for the development of behaviour and attributes. Through extensive research conducted under the guidance of Professor Peter Clough, the MTQ has identified the four fundamental components of mental toughness, known as the 4 Cs: Control, Commitment, Challenge, and Confidence. These components are closely tied to an athlete's ability to handle pressure, stay focused, persevere through setbacks, maintain motivation, and exhibit resilience in demanding sports environments and provides valuable insights into an athlete's mental makeup, which directly impacts their sports performance and overall success.


For example, Control measures an athlete's capacity to manage their thoughts, emotions, and responses during high-pressure situations, enabling them to maintain composure and make effective decisions. Commitment evaluates an athlete's dedication and determination to their long-term goals, fostering discipline and consistency in training and performance. Challenge assesses an athlete's willingness to embrace and thrive in difficult and competitive circumstances, using them as opportunities for growth. Confidence measures an athlete's self-belief, which influences their performance, decision-making, and ability to bounce back from setbacks.


By understanding an athlete's mental toughness profile through the MTQ, coaches, trainers, and sports professionals can tailor training programs, mental conditioning strategies, and support systems to enhance an athlete's mental resilience, focus, motivation, and overall sports performance. It helps athletes develop the necessary psychological skills and strategies to excel under pressure, adapt to changing situations, and maximise their potential on the field or in competition.


The MTQ provides valuable insights into an athlete's mental toughness, enabling targeted interventions, coaching, and training techniques to optimise sports performance, mental resilience, and achieve peak results in the competitive world of sports.

Unlock your potential and take your sports performance to new heights by discovering your mental toughness with the MTQ (Mental Toughness Questionnaire). As an athlete, understanding your mental toughness profile can be a game-changer in your journey to excellence.


Once you've completed the assessment, you'll have the opportunity to schedule a personalised one-on-one feedback session with me. During this session, we'll delve into your results, exploring your strengths and areas for growth. Together, we'll develop strategies and techniques tailored specifically to your needs, empowering you to enhance your mental resilience, focus, and overall sports performance.


Don't miss out on this chance to gain a deeper understanding of your mental toughness and unlock your full potential as an athlete. Take the MTQ assessment today and let's embark on a transformative journey to elevate your game. Your success starts here.


Note: The feedback session is optional but provides to your growth and development as an athlete. Why go it alone?

Elevate your game and conquer new heights of excellence.

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