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Potential Energy/Momentum

6 ways life can propel you forward!

# 1 Synchronicity

Synchronicity gives people faith that things are going to happen.

Faith keeps people moving forward.

#2 Experiences

Gain knowledge and skills on your chosen path that requires practical experience.

Practical experience can give you the confidence to move forward.

#3 Mentors, Coaches, or anyone other than yourself

Surrounding yourself with people who are already where you want to be. Those you look up to can support and propel your movement forward.

#4 Competition

Anything you are trying to dominate or gain supremacy over can stir up a drive in you.

#5 Values or beliefs that are deeply rooted within you.

Having a reason to do something can facilitate forward movement. Whether it is a person or an object that motivates you to act, there is something that moves you to do so.

#6 Commitment

A promise to achieve something.

Commitment is - you will not stop until you get there.

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