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Use Scientific Training Methods - Get Results

We do not offer high intensity - want to drop dead training. We offer scientifically backed stamina and strength training for sports. Precision programs.

Credit Chris Osmond - Tampa Bay Rays

Biological Rules

Law of Accommodation:

This law states that anything used too long will not create a more significant training effect. Each program should be individually tailored, and tweaked as needed.

Every week we know how strong our athletes are. Every week we know how fast our athletes are. Every week, we know precisely what areas of weakness need improvement. So at least 52 times a year, there is a checks and balances approach to optimal athletic training based on objective data (Simmons, 2005).

Law of Specificity

According to the law of specificity, for an exercise to have an effect on a athletes sport, it should apply to and be suited for the sport. Each sport uses different body mechanics, exercises should replicate the body mechanics. Training progression should start with general conditioning and move on to specialised training for the specific abilities needed for that sport or activity.

Other things to take into consideration if you plan to write your program

  1. Switching exercises can avoid overtraining. Lifting in the same angle all the time can create overuse issues. Try different grips, different widths, different equipment and handles.

  2. Make workouts optimal in time and energy output to save for other developments.

  3. If you are beating your body up at the gym and can not function efficiently at training, speak to a sports and conditioning coach.

  4. Developing an athlete in full requires years; take a look at one of the top sports and conditioning coaches' examples, Chris Osmond from the Tampa Bay Rays, in the picture above.

  5. Build in recovery/unloading every 3-4 weeks

  6. Training must be slow for physiological systems to absorb stimuli and make progress.

  7. The 6-hour rule for different energy systems allows hormonal recovery for optimal gains. Weights before cardio, if possible.

Take a read of Westside Barbells Blog. The creators of the conjugate method. They train world record holders and pro athletes.

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