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Guilty of Not Wanting Routine

Let's do something spontaneous.

I woke up this morning feeling another Groundhog Day and got the guilts about it.

I know my life is on track, I am achieving my 3-year plan but, things are not as exciting anymore. I have a million things to be grateful for, I am loved and nurtured by friends and family, my home surroundings feels like me creatively. I live in beautiful Marks Point with turquoise waters 2 minutes' walk, it also has this beautiful magic creative mother earthy energy.

But... I haven't wanted to jump out of bed with excitement in over 2 weeks.

As I am tweaking my morning routine, I am reminded of


Every experience carries with it some element of suffering (dukkha), whether it be extreme pain or a persistent unease. Stress and anxiety will continue to be a part of our life as long as we struggle to retain a feeling of solid self.


Buddhism is built on the concept of impermanence (Pali: annica). All compounded phenomena disintegrate. All objects can be broken down into their component parts. The more direct way to say it is that everything dies. Samsara (beginningless cycle of repeated birth, mundane existence and dying again) as a whole is an effort to deny this truth.


Non-Self: (annata) There isn't a distinct, separate, or single self. We have no core. Simply put, we are the result of numerous causes and conditions. In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, non-self is emptiness in terms of space and impermanence is emptiness in terms of time.

So where did this leave me...

1) Accept that this is the way I am feeling in 'this moment'

2) That I do care and cling to how I wake up and start my day and

3) Waking up unexcited, bored and like a robot - does not mean that I won't be excited about my mornings again...

I still got up planned a new morning routine and found a mountain of things to do through the week that will have me bouncing out of bed again. It is in my nature to get bored, so changing a few things up will have massive benefits.

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