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Active Listening Tips For Athletes.

7 Micro skills to develop. Better listener, better learner.

#1 Encouragers

Verbal + non verbal cues to show the speaker to keep talking, you are listening.

#2 Empathising

Shows the coach, or other teammates that you understand and can feel what they're feeling

#3 Reflection

By reflecting on what your coach has said this informs them that you are giving serious thought to what they said

#4 Clarifying

Ask questions for additional details

#5 Paraphrasing

Express the meaning of something the coach has said, using different words, especially to achieve greater clarity.

#6 Summarising

Give a brief statement of the whole picture.

#7 Mirroring

This can be done verbally or non verbal. Repeat, or replicate the coaches words or gestures.

4 non-verbal ways to be an active listener

  1. Good eye contact

  2. Facial expressions

  3. Posture & hand movements

  4. Avoid distractions. No computer or phone. Bring paper and a pen.

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