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10 Things I Am Doing To Be More Sustainable.

While throwing your plastic water bottles in the recycling bin is a good start, there's more you can do to help the environment.

My top 10

  1. I shop for my wardrobe - I buy missing pieces

  2. Recycle

  3. I eat a plant based diet &

  4. Sustainable fish

  5. Up-Cycle - A small handbag becomes a make-up bag.

  6. I Buy quality not quantity (ditch the 'it's cheap' buying compulsion) I think cost per wear. Fast fashion is ruining our planet.

  7. I am a minimalist.

  8. I recycle timber - furniture.

  9. Personally, I would never buy leather, (watch earthlings) but if you choose to go for recycled leather (sustainable product because it lasts longer). When I buy vegan leather (my Doc Martins & skirts), I treat them with the utmost care to last a lifetime.

  10. I recycle denim jackets and individualise them.

My sole goal when I purchase something is - I only buy what I love, and I cherish it a lifetime.

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