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Overcoming Decision Fatigue: Find Flow - Clothes

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed when choosing what to wear each day? Do you find yourself spending too much time and mental energy on clothing decisions? If so, you may be experiencing decision fatigue. There are several ways that simplifying your clothing choices can help with athletic performance: 1. Reducing decision fatigue: By minimising the number of decisions you have to make when getting dressed for a workout or a game, you can conserve mental energy and focus on your performance. 2. Improving comfort: Wearing comfortable, well-fitting athletic clothing can improve your range of motion, reduce distractions, and help you stay cool and dry during intense physical activity. 3. Enhancing confidence: Wearing clothing that makes you feel confident and powerful can have a positive impact on your mindset and performance. Minimising distractions: Wearing clothing that is functional and appropriate for your sport or activity can help minimie distractions and keep you focused on your performance. This course is designed to help you overcome decision fatigue and simplify your clothing choices. By understanding the psychology of decision-making, decluttering your wardrobe, creating a capsule wardrobe, developing a personal style, and streamlining your decision-making process, you can make getting dressed each day a stress-free experience. Join us as we explore practical strategies for simplifying your wardrobe and creating a more efficient and enjoyable clothing routine.

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